Top wants:
Destroyer666 :-Violence Is The Prince Of This World (LP, Modern Invasion Rec., coloured vinyl only)
Flames Of Hell :-Fire And Steel (LP, original)
Graven Image :- People In Hell Want Ice Water (MLP, Rockhouse America)
Jag Panzer :-Ample Destruction (LP, red vinyl, Iron works)
Militia :-The Sybling (12“, Scythe)
Sabbat :-Sabbat (7”, Evil Rec.)
Slauter X-troyes :-Winter Kill (LP, private)
Venom :-Black Metal (LP, NEAT, dark green marbled vinyl)
Venom :-Black Metal (LP, NEAT, grey-green marbled)
Venom :-Black Metal (LP, NEAT, purple vinyl)
Venom :-Black Metal (LP, NEAT, brown vinyl – not the misspress !!)
Venom :-Black Metal (LP,NEAT, black-marbled vinyl)
Venom :-Welcome to Hell (LP, NEAT, brown-marbled vinyl)
Venom :-Warhead (7″, NEAT, blue vinyl)
Warzwolf :-In The Walley Of The Shadow (LP, Raindancer)
WASP :-Frankfurt `84 (LP, Bootleg on coloured vinyl and black vinyl)
Wild Pussy – Mechanarchy (MLP, Metallion)
Wyzard :-Future Knights (MLP)

Minor Wants:
Absu :-The Temple Of Offal (7“, red-white marbled vinyl)
Agalloch :-The Mantle (DoLP, grey vinyl)
Agalloch :-All Testpresses
Anathema :-Judgement (LP, MFN)
At The Gates :-All Testpresses
At The Gates :-Ultimate Collector´s Box Set (Earache)
At The Gates :- Purgatory Unleashed (Earache, DoLP, all versions)
Bolt Thrower:-Eternal War (Earache, LP-Box)
Commander :-The High`N`Mighty (LP, Iron Works, black and white vinyl and Picture-Disc)
Cynic :-Focus (LP, Roadrunner, first press)
Dark Angel :-We Have Arrived (LP, coloured vinyls, Picture-LPs, shapes, testpresses)
Darkthrone :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, old Promo-CDs, Lim. Editions)
Darkthrone :-Transilvanian Hunger (LP, Peaceville, white label testpress)
Darkthrone :-The Underground Resistence (LP, Peaceville)
Death :-Symbolic (LP, Roadrunner, first press)
Death Courier :- Demise (LP, Psychosis Records)
Denial Of God :- Please Offer Everything On Vinyl !!
Desaster :- Please offer everything !
Desaster :-Tyrants Of The Netherworld (LP, Iron Pegasus, Picture-Disc)
Destroyer666 :-All Testpresses
Dissection :-All Testpresses
Dissection :-Live Rebirth (DoLP, all versions and Testpress)
Emerald :-Armed For Battle (LP)
Enslaved :-Frost (LP, Osmose, blue-black-marbled vinyl)
Eternity/Luror :-Split LP (Blut&Eisen, coloured vinyl)
Evile :-Enter The Grave (DoLP, red vinyl)
Exodus :-Hardcore Metal (LP, Bootleg, coloured vinyl)
Hellhammer :-Apocalyptic Rites (LP, Bootleg, coloured vinyl, not red and green/blue vinyl)
Hellhammer :-Apocalyptic Rites (LP, Testpress of Pic-LP, blue vinyl, neutral labels)
Horrified :-In The Garden Of The Unearthly Delights (LP, Black Power Records)
Hypocrisy :-Carved Up (7”, different colours, not brown and grey)
Image :-Image (12″, Imagination Records)
Immortal :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, Promo-CDs, lim. Ed.)
Impiety :-Skullfucking Armaggeddon (LP, Picture-Disc only)
In Flames :-Vinyls (especially testpresses) and Promo-CDs
In Flames :-Came Clarity CD-Box (Box, Mailorder Edition)
Inquisition :-Inquisition/Anxious Death (MLP)
Ion Britton :-Eat Metal (12″, Eat Metal Music)
Iron Cross :-Iron Cross (LP, private)
Iron Maiden :-Bootlegs (Vinyl), A Real Dead One LP(UK, only)
Isvind :- Dark Waters Stir (LP, black vinyl Testpress)
Jaguar :- Power Games (LP, purple vinyl, NEAT Rec.)
Katatonia :-Offer all kinds of Testpresses, Vinyls, Promos . . .
King Diamond :-Conspiracy (Picture-LP, Roadrunner, with coloured back side ??)
King Diamond :-Conspiracy (LP, with original artwork, send out as promo only)
King Diamond :-Everything (Vinyl, CDs, Promos) Please offer everything !!
King Diamond :-Satanic Rites (LP, Bootleg, black and red vinyl)
King Diamond and Black Rose :-A Night Of Rehearsal (LP, white vinyl, Archaic Temple Productions)
Manowar :-We Are No Angels (LP, multicoloured vinyl)
Manowar :-Into Glory Ride (Picture-LP)
Marduk :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, Promo-CDs, lim. Editions)
Marduk .-Opus Nocturne (LP, Osmose, green-black-marbled vinyl)
Mayhem :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, Promo-CDs, lim. Editions)
Merciless Death :-Evil In The Night (LP, Picture-Disc)
Mercyful Fate :-Copenhagen `81 (LP, Bootleg with usual cover and with fold out cover)
Mercyful Fate :-Early Sabbath (DoLP, pink vinyl and black vinyl Testpresses)
Mercyful Fate :- Die Schwarze Maske (LP, insert cover)
Mercyful Fate :-On A Night With Fullmoon (LP, insert cover)
Mercyful Fate :-Everything (Vinyl, Bootlegs, CDs, Promos) Please offer everything!
Messiah :-Going Insane (MLP, Viniculum Records)
Messiah :-Final Warning (LP, Viniculum Records)
Metallica :-Everything (Bootlegs, officials, official CDs, Tickets, original Tourposter)
Metalucifer :-All kind of vinyls!
Mortiis :-Keiser av en dimension Ukjent (LP, black vinyl, Cold Meat Ind. , not US-LP on ANJA)
Mortiis :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpressings, Promo-CDs, lim. Editions)
My Dying Bride :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, Promo-CDs, lim. Editions)
Mystifier :-The Evil Ascension Returns (7”)
Necromantia :-Scalet Evil Witching Black (LP, Osmose, red-black marbled vinyl)
Necromantia :- People Of The Sea (7″, multi-coloured vinyl and Picture-Disc, Dark Side Records)
Nocturnal :-Slaughter Command (7″, Death Strike Records)
Nocturnal :-Outbreak Of Evil (Split-7″, Witching Metal Records)
Nocturnal :-Fire Of Revenge (7″, diehard version with T-Shirt and usual version, Bestial Onslaught)
Nocturnal :-Split with Nunslaughter (7″, Agonia)
Nocturnal :-Creation Of The Possessed (7″, Split with Armour, Thrashing Rage Records)
Nocturnal :-Raging Rehearsal (7″, Terranis Production)
Nocturnal :-All Testpresses, original tapes
Nun Slaughter :- Please Offer Everything on vinyl
Nun Slaughter :-Christ Massacre Shapes!
Nun Slaughter :-The Eastern Illusion (LP, HMSS, diehard version only)
Opeth :- Deliverance (DoLP Picture-Discs, MFN)
Opeth :-Still Day Beneath The Sun (7″, MFN, grey vinyl)
Ripper :-And The Dead Shall Rise (LP, Iron Works, Picture-LP)
Rotting Christ :-Satanas Tedeum (LP, die-hard version, Kyrck Prod.)
Rotting Christ :-Theogonia (LP, red and clear-splatter vinyl, usual cover)
Rotting Christ :-Theogonia (Box with leather cover)
Rotting Christ :-Live In Hellas (Box, 3LP, multicoloured vinyl, T-Shirt)
Rotting Christ :-The Mystical Meeting (10″, Picture-Disc, Century Media)
Rotting Christ :-All kinds of Testpresses and Promo-CDs (Shirts in M or L)
Rude Awakening :- Bound For Glory (LP)
Sabbat :- Please Offer Everything on vinyl (testpresses)
Sabbat :-Sabbat (7″, Evil Records)
Sabbat :-African Harmageddon (7″, Mganga Rec./Evil Rec., purple anal cover version only)
Sabbat :-Hamaguri Ressurrection (7″, yellow vinyl, die hard edition only, dog-goat felt cover version)
Sabbat :-Minami-Kyushu Harmageddon-Sabbatical Magichaos (7”, Infernal Thrash Rec., “band” cover only, but both colours)
Sabbat :-VenoMetal (LP, with cover only)
Sabbat :-Live Batan-Q -Disturbed By Guardians (LP, usual version and die hard version with leather cover)
Sabbat :-Live Wacko (3x 7″ box, die hard version only)
Sabbat :-Live Revenge (LP, die hard version only)
Sabbat :-Live Festa (LP, with OBI only)
Sabbat :-Live Meltdown (LP, Picture-Disc)
Sabbat :-Live Resurrection (LP, diehard cloth cover version with T-Shirt or only cloth cover version)
Sabbat :-Love Fire (LP, coloured cover only)
Sabbat :-UUU (DoLP, HMSS, all versions)
Sabbat :- Please Offer Everything on CD too
Sabbat :- Disembody (CD, Evil Records version only)
Sabre :-Keepers Of The Sword (LP)
Satyricon :- Please Offer Everything (7”s, LPs, Testpresses, Promo-CD…)
Septic Flesh:-Temple Of The Lost Race (MLP, Black Power Records)
Septic Flesh:-Communion (LP, usual version, Necroterror Records)
Septic Flesh:-Communion (LP, Evangelika American Tour Edition, Necroterror Records)
Septic Flesh:-Communion (Die-Hard Wooden-LP-Box, Necroterror Records)
Shadow :-Iron Umbrella (LP, Knock Out Music)
Shining :-Submit To Selfdestruction (7″, Selbstmord Services)
Six Feet Under :-Haunted (LP, black vinyl)
Skeletonwitch :-Beyond The Permafrost (LP, blue vinyl, lim. 400)
Skeletonwitch :-Breathing The Fire (LP, red vinyl, lim. 100)
Slayer :-Bootlegs (Vinyl), Promo Vinyls. Please offer everything you have!
Slayer :-Dead (LP, insert bootleg)
Slayer :-Greetings From My Guts (LP, Bootleg, red cover, red vinyl)
Slayer :-Swine (LP, Bootleg, black and coloured vinyl)
Stormtrooper :-Armies Of The Night (MLP, Picture-Disc)
Street Child :-Street Child (MLP, Hells Kitchen)
Svartsyn :-Tormentor (7″)
The Mezmerist :-The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty (MLP)
Urfaust :-Geist Ist Teufel (LP, first press, Christcrusher Productions)
Valor :-Fight For your Life (LP, White Stone)
Venom :-Burried Alive (LP, coloured vinyl)
Venom :-Hammersmith Odeon 1984 (DoLP, clear and red vinyl)
Venom :-Bootlegs (Vinyl)
Venom :- Please offer all 7”s, 12”s and picture-discs and coloured vinyls !!
Vice :-Same (MLP, Riel Records)
Vixen :-Made In Hawaii (MLP, Picture-Disc, original only)
VXN :-VXN (LP, private)
Warchylde :-Murders By Decibels (LP, Cirrus)
Warlock :-Metalbound (LP, black and coloured vinyl)
Winter :-Into Darkness (LP, NB, clear and white vinyl)
X-Caliber :-Warriors Of The Night (LP, X-Caliber Records)
Please notice:
No Demos! No CDrs! No Reissues! No Counterfeits! No fake greek versions!