Rarity Corner

Black Sabbath :- Their Satanic Majesties Return (LP, live 1980, DIO)

Bon Jovi :- These Days (DoLP, ultra rare !!)

Dark Angel :- We Have Arrived (Skull-Shape, Metal Storm)

Dio :- Evil Eyes (DoLP, Live Manchester 1983)

Dio :- Hot´n´kicking (LP, Live Scandinavia `84)

Dio :- Monsters Of Rock, Nürnberg 1984 (LP)

Dream Theater :- Images And Words (LP, original)

Evile :- Enter The GRave (DoLP, red vinyl)

Hammer Witch :- Return To Salem (LP, DTA Records)

Hölöcäust :- Heavy Metal Mania (7″, Phoenix Records)

Iced Earth :- Night Of The Storm Rider (LP, white label Testpress with infosheet)

Insane :- Wait And Pray (LP, red vinyl, only 100 copies)

Jag Panzer :- Death Row (black square Testpress Shape)

Liege Lord :- Freedom´s Rise (LP, Picture-Disc)

Liege Lord :- Freedom´s Rise (LP, FOC, Iron Works)

Medieval Steel :- Medieval Steel (MLP, SUR Records)

Overkill :- Rotten To The Core (MLP, Metal Storm)

Rapid Tears :- Cry For Mercy (MLP, Chameleon Records, still in shrink)

Redeemer :- The Light Is Struck (FOC, white vinyl)

Satyricon :- The Shadowthrone (LP, original with Poster !!)

Satyricon :- Nemesis Divina (LP, original with Poster !!)

Savatage :- Sirens (LP, PAR Records)

Testament :- The Gathering (LP, Vinyl Collectors)

Twisted Sister :- Frankfurt `84 (LP, clear vinyl)

VA :- Death Metal (LP, first press with original „gut-cover“)

Venom :- Black Metal (LP, Neat Records, grey-marbled vinyl)

Venom :- Warhead (12″, Neat Records, blue vinyl)

Voivod :- Power Metal Demos 1984 (LP, black vinyl)

Witchhammer :- 1487 (LP, private)

Witches Hammer :- Witches Hammer (MLP, Subversive Productions)

Xcel :- Deliver This Dream (MLP, Tri Records)

Zoser Mez :- Vizier Of Wasteland (LP, Zoser Records)