Metallica - Bootleg Vinyls

AssassinDoLPChain Recordsblack
Cee Four
DoLPMetal MashblackMainz 1984
Disposible Heroes
LPSteel Bladeblue vinylultra-rare
Fillmore, Night 3DoLPA,B,C,Dblack vinylNo. 412/550
Fillmore, Night 4DoLPA,B,C,Dblack vinylNo. 42/500
Fucking NutsDoLPAll Dayblack 
Fucking Nuts
DoLPKeri Recordsblack
Garage Days RevisitedLPKeri Recordsblack
In Vertigo You Will Be
3LPMetallicablackHannover 1990
Killing Time/Let It Loose7"Bong Water Recordsredoriginal ! No. 653
Killing Time/Let It Loose7"Bong Water Recordsorangeoriginal ! No. 151
Killing Time/Let It Loose7"Bong Water Recordsyelloworiginal
Let There Be RockLPWizzardwhiteNo. 36/100 copies 
Maximus MetallusLPStereo Masterblack
Metallica/London 82/84DoLPSgt. D/Skylineblack
Metal Up Your AssLPMFNblueNo. 295/300
Monster At The Meadowlands, The7"Hellaslamblackorange cov.,No.161
Monster At The Meadowlands, The7"Hellaslamblackgreen cover, No.74
Monster Of RockDoLPLeopard
No RemorseLPSnakeblack
Nürnberg 1984
Venom meets Metallica
3LP-Boxclear/red/white-marbledNo. 219/275, incl. T-Shirt, Poster, Sticker, Inserts, Ticket...
Pounding Out AggressionDOLPFTPblacklim. 100 copies
Ready To Raise Hell
LPTAKRLclear-marbledNo. 07/21
Ready to Raise HellLPTAKRLblackNo. 46/100



Metallica - Official Vinyls

And Justice For AllDoLPNLblack
Chris Tetley InterviewLPUKPicture-DiscCT 1008
Creeping Death/Jump In The FireLPVertigoblack
Eye Of The Beholder7"Elektra USblack
Fade to Black12"ELEKTRA US (GER)blackgreen-blue-marbled Counterfeit
Garage Days Re-revisitedMLPNLblackwith sales slip 1987
Hero Of The Day7" UKblackPromo
Kill´em AllLPCANElektrawith Bonus-Tracks
Kill´em AllLPUK/MFNblackred/yelow labels
Kill´em AllLPUK/MFNPicture-Discoriginal 1st press
Master Of PuppetsLPUK/MFNblackstill in shrink
Metallica/Black AlbumDoLPNL/Vertigoblack
One/Breadfan7"JAP/SonyblackPromo !!!
One12" UK/VertigoblackDemo, FOC
Ride The Lightning2x12"MFNblackFOC
Sad but True12"UK/VertigoPicture-DiscInsert
The Good, The Bad & The Live6x 12" BoxVertigoblackBox with sticker, Poster



Metallica - Official CDs

FuelMCDGERPart 3
Metallica (black album)CDGERfirst press
Nothing Else Matters-LiveMCDGER  
Until It SleepsMCDCAN rare !! 
Until It SleepsMCDUK Promo
Wherever I May Roam + Interview2MCDUK
Whiskey In The JarMCDGERPart 3



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Metallica - Other Stuff

Master Of Puppets `87TicketGEREssen, 25.01.87original
Master Of Puppets `87TicketGEROffenbach, 29.01.87original
Nowhere Else To Roam . . .TicketGERHannover 19.05.93original
LoadPoster  Promo
LoadPoster BannerPromo
LoadPoster Cover MotivPromo 
LoadPosterCover MotivPromo
Ride The LightningTapeINDIAVertigorare !!!



Metallica - Bootleg CDs

Angels From HellCDDeep River Rec.
Bay Area ThrashersCD
Caught In The ActCD
Detroit Bad BoysDoCD
The Four SandmanCD
Live In New OrleansCD
The Man Is DeadCD
The Metal MastersCD
Naughty Vol. ICD
Rains Of BloodCD
Texas 1989CD



Metallica - Sampler incl Metallica songs - for sale

Metal Concussion (Trapped Under Ice !!!) LP on Bandit Records 1985
Metal Hammer (Motorbreath) LP on Roadrunner Records 1984 (silver Logo)
Metal Treasures (Whiplash) LP on Action Replay Records 1984
Wango Tango (Seek and Destroy and Phantom Lord) Bernett Records 1984
Hell Comes To Your house (Creeping Death) LP on MFN 1984
Hell On Earth (Metal Militia) LP on MFN 1983
MFN – The Singels (Jump In The Fire and Creeping Death) DoLP 1986



Metallica - T-Shirts for Sale

Metallica Japan/Australia Tour Shirt 1993