CD - Black/Death Metal

ArtistTitleFormat, Label, Specials
Ablaze My SorrowThe PlagueCD, No Fashion 026
AmorphisMy KanteleMCD
Arch EnemyStigmataCD
ArckanumKostogherCD, Necropolis, original first press !!
ArckanumKampenDoCD, Necropolis, original first press !!
At The GatesWith Fear I Kiss The Burning DarknessCD, original
BloodDepraved GoddessCD, private release
Bolt ThrowerWar MasterCD, original 1st press
BurzumBurzumCD, original DSP release, ultra rare !!!
CarnivoreCarnivoreCD, original Roadracer Price Killers
CarnivoreRetaliationCD, original Roadracer Price Killers
CatamenniaMorning CrimsonCD
Christ Denied. . . Got What He DeservedCD, Gulli Records
ConfessorCondemnedCD, Earache
Cradle Of FilthDusk and Her EmbraceCD-Book, lim. Edition !!
Dark TranquillityThe GalleryCD, Osmose
DeathSymbolicCD, rare first press on Roadrunner Records
DeicideDeicideCD, original on Roadracer from 1990
DetestDorvalCD, rare and great death metal from Denmark !!!
DisincarnateDreams Of The Carrion KindCD, Roadrunner 1993
DissectionWhere Dead Angels LieShape-CD, rare !
Emperor/EnslavedEmperor/Hordanes LandCD, Candlelight first press, used
GrabnebelfürstenVon Schemen Und TrugbildernCD, new
Gr*vel*ndCarpathian WolvesCD, original first press on Eternal Devils !!!
HadesAlone WalkyngCD, original Wounded Love Records
HadesThe Dawn Of The Dying SunCD, original first press on Full Moon Prod.
HypocrisyInferion DevotiesMCD, rare !!!
IBetween Two WorldsPrecious Metal Box !! ultra rare ! No. 256/1000
ImmortalSons Of Northern DarknessPrecious Metal Box – 1,7 kilo ! No. 520/1000
ImmortalDiabolical Fullmoon MysticismCD, original first press
Impaled NazareneTol Cormpt Norz Norz NorzCD, first Osmose press, with the well known poster cover, rare !!
In FlamesBlack Ash InheritanceSHAPE-CD
KampfarKampfarMCD, Season Of Mist, first press !!
KatatoniaDance Of December SoulsCD, No Fashion Rec.
KatatoniaBrave Murder DayCD, Avantgarde Music
MardukHeaven Shall BurnCD, first press
MardukOpus NocturneCD, first press
Mayhemic TruthIn MemoriamCD, first press, Iron Pegasus 1999
My Dying BrideLike Gods Of The SunCD, Peaceville
NargarothFuck Off Nowadays Black MetalCDr, old CDr Bootleg, No. 49/100, Hooligan Booklet Records
PossessedSeven ChurchesCD, original Price Killers !!
Pungent StenchDirty Rhymes And Psychotronic BeatsCD, with bonus-tracks
SabbatThe DwellingCD, original Evil Rec., OBI, silver cover, lim. 500 copies
SabbatLive At BlokulaCD, original Evil Rec., lim. 500 copies
Simple AggressionFormulations In BlackCD, rare
SlayerSerenity In MurderMCD, rare !
SodomIn The Sign Of Evil/Obsessed By CrueltyCD, original first press on SPV
SodomThe Saw Is The LawMCD, 1991
SodomAber Bitte Mit SahneMCD, 1993
SorhinI Det Glimrande Mörkrets DjupCD, original Near Dark Productions ! first press
SorhinApokalypsen ÄngelCD, original Shadow Records ! first press
SummoningMinas MorgulCD, Napalm Rec., first press
SummoningNightshade ForestsCD, Napalm Rec., first press
TherionSiren Of The WoodsMCD, very rare !!
TiamatSumerian CryCD, original MetalCore release, rare !!
TrelldomTil EvighetCD, Head Not Found, original first press !!
Under Black CloudsDawnCD, rare Black/Death-Metal
VenomBlack MetalCD, rare first press "Price Killers" on Roadracer Rec.



CD - Heavy, Progressive, Speed, Power Metal and others

ArtistTitleFormat, Label, Specials
AcceptObjection OverruledCD
ADXWeird VisionsCD, rare
ArchetypeDawningCD, ss, US Power Progressive Metal
AyreonLoserMCD, digi-pack, ss
Alice In ChainsDirtCD
Alice In ChainsAlice In ChainsCD, yellow case
Babylon SadKyrieCD
Babylon ZooThe Boy With The X-Ray EyesCD
BelladonnaBelladonnaCD, ex Anthrax Vocalist
Blind GuardianFollow The BlindCD, original first No Remorse Records release in green case !!
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight WorldCD, original first press NRR 1014
Blind GuardianA Past And Future SecretMCD, GER
Burning PointSalvation By FireCD, ss, Melodic Power Metal
Boa, PhilipGodCD, Motor Musik
CasketTomorrowCD, new
Casus BelliIn The Name Of RoseCD, ss
Cirith UngolOne Foot In HellCD
Dan Reed NetworkMixin´ It UpCD
Dead End CowboysSwallowCD
Depressive AgeElectric Scumtheir best CD
DestructionAll Hell Breaks LooseDoCD, lim. Edition
Die Ärzte13rare Digi-CD
Doctor ButcherDoctor ButcherCD, rare !!
DoroBad BloodMCD, very hard to find, from 1993
Double DealerDouble DealerCD, ss, Melodic Power Metal
Dream TheaterLive In Long IslandCD, live 1992
Dream TheaterThe Silent ManMCD, rare !!!!!
Dream TheaterAwakeCD, new
Dream TheaterA Change Of SeasonsCD, new
DungeonOne Step BeyondCD, ss, Speed Power Metal from Australia
EldritchPortrait Of The Abyss WithinCD, ss, Power Prog Metal
ElegyPrimal InstinctCD, great Prog-Metal
EminemThe Marshall MathersCD
EndlessFireCD, digi-pack
Enuff ZnuffAnimals With Human IntelligenceCD
EvildeadAnnihilation Of CivilizationCD, rare
EvildeadLive-From The Depths Of The UnderworldCD, rare
Evil MasqueradeWelcome To The ShowCD, ss, Progressive Metal
Fates WarningNight On BröckenCD, mega-rare US-original with mooncover
ForbiddenDistortionCD, still one of my favourite bands
ForbiddenRaw Evil LiveCD
GeezerBlack ScienceCD
GodivaCall Me Under 666CD, ss, Fernando Garcia
Gorky ParkGorky ParkCD
GwarAmerica Must Be DestroyedCD, MFN
HammerfallRenegadeMCD, with multimedia section
HammerfallLegacy Of Kingsrare numbered Box, with signed cards, plectrum, Shape-CD
HeadlockIt Found MeCD
HelliconMysterious SkipjackCD, rare
HexxMorbid RealityCD
High TensionHigh TensionCD, original first press, ss
IcycoreWetwiredCD, ss, Power Prog Metal
Iron MaidenPiece Of MindCD
Iron MaidenFlight 666DOCD, still sealed !!
Ivory TowerIvory TowerCD, ss, Power Progressive Metal
Ivory TowerBeyond The StarsCD, ss, Power Progressive Metal
KillersMurder OneCD
Killing JokePanaemoniumCD
King DiamondThe Spider´s LullabyeCD, digi-pack
LawdyOutlaw InvasionCD, rare on NRR
LiarCheatin´ Gamesrare GER-CD on TRL
M.O.D.Rhythm Of FearCD, MFN
ManowarThe Triumph Of SteelCD
Martin, JimMilk And BloodCD
MasqueradeSurface Of PainCD
MegadethPeace Sells. . . But Who´s Buying ?CD
Mekong DeltaDances Of DeathCD, original AAARRG
Mekong DeltaPictures At An ExhebitionCD, digi-pack
Mental Hippie BloodPoundsCD
Mecyful FateDon´t Break The OathCD, first press on Roadrunner, black/white backcover
Mercyful FateThe BeginningCD, first press on Roadrunner, black/white backcover
Metal ChurchMetal ChurchCD, US original, rare
Mind OdesseyNailed To The ShadeCD, great Prog-Metal
Mind Over FourEmpty HandsCD
NecronomiconThe Devil´s TongueCD, first press, ss
No Inner LimitsBalancerare private CD
No Inner LimitsThe Planet´s PulseCD, rare
NormalBlumen Im MüllLP
OracleAs Darkness ReignsCD, great progressive Power Metal
Painting Over PicassoNothing CompletelyMCD
Painting Over PicassoHelloCD
Pink Cream 69Games People PlayCD
PoisonNative TongueCD
Primal FearPrimal FearCD
Primal FearJaws Of DeathCD, rare book-cover
PrimusSailing The Seas Of CheesCD
ProtectorA Shedding Of SkinCD, original first press
ProtectorThe HeritageCD, original first press
Psychotic WaltzInto The EverflowCD, original first press
Psychotic WaltzMosquitoCD, original first press
RavenRaw TracksCD
RenegadeLost AngelsCD, Laserlight original, ss, rare
RiskDirty SurfacesCD, rare !
RiskThe RebornCD, rare !
Running WildLead Or GoldMCD, digi-pack, rarest Running Wild CD !!
Running WildLittle Big HornMCD, rare !
Running WildThe PrivateerMCD, rare !
Running WildPile Of SkullsCD, mega rare digi-pack, small corner damage
Running WildThe RivalryCD
SavatageDead Winter Deadvery rare DoCD, incl. a 2-track-promo-CD
SavatageThe Wake Of MagellanCD, JAP with OBI
Savior MachineSaviour MachineCD, first press
ScorpionsFace The HeatCD
ScorpionsCrazy WorldCD
Shadow KeepCorruption WithinCD, ss, Progressive Power Metal
SinnerJudgement DayCD-Shape
SkeletorHellFireRockMachineCD, ss, Hellfire Rock´n´Roll
SkycladVintage Whinerare Digi-CD
SkycladIrrational Anthemsrare Digi-CD
Sweety NipplesBig HarvestCD
Tad MoroseSender Of ThoughtsCD, Black Mark
TankardTwo-FacedCD, Digi-Pack
Theatre Of TragedyMusiqueCD, digi-pack, new
TimescapeTimescapeCD, rae private CD
Toten Hosen,DieCarnival In Rio (with Ronald Biggs !)MCD
TranscendVersion 8.5CD, digi-pack
Type`o`NegativeBloody KissesCD, original 1st issue
Type`o`NegativeWorld Coming DownCD, new
Typhon Motor DudesCommon LooserCD, ss, Punk´n´Roll !!
TyrantBlind RevolutionCD, Laserlight, rare !!
U.D.O.SolidCD, new
U.D.O.HolyCD, digi-pack, ss
Uriah HeepDemons And WizardsCD
V.A.Headbanger´s ClubCD, Exhorder, Sadus, Death, Sepultura . . .
V.A.Doomsday NewsCD, Deathrow, Rage, Kreator, Celtic Frost . . .
Valley´s EveDeception Of PainCD, Power Metal, new
Velvet ViperVelvet ViperCD, rare
Vision DivineSend Me An AngelCD, ss, Progressive Metal
VoodoocultJesus Killing MachineCD, with Boa, Chuck Schuldiner, Dave Lombardo
WaltariBig BangCD
WaltariSpace AvenueCD, new
World Of SilenceWindow Of HeavenCD, great prog-metal, like Dream Theater



Promo CDs (all Styles)

ArtistTitleFormat, Label, Specials
AbramelinAbramelinCD, great angry Death Metal from downunder
AbsuTaraCD, Osmose, Cardboard Sleeve
AndrasDie Rückkehr Der Dunklen KriegerCD
Black SabbathGet A Grip1-Track Promo-CD
Blind GuardianTales From The Twilight World4-Track, very rare
BorknagarBorknagarCD, Malicious Records
BorknagarEmpyricismCD, Cardboard Sleeve
CatameniaEskhataCD, Cardboard Sleeve
ChastainSick SocietyCD, Promo
Demons & WizzardsDemons & WizzardsCD, Cardboard Sleeve, full track Promo
DissectionThe Past Is AliveCD, US-Promo, Cardboard Sleeve
DödheimsgardMonumental PossessionCD, Cardboard Sleeve, Malicious Rec.
Dream ChildReaching The Golden GateCD, Promo
Dream TheaterLierare US-Promo Digi-CD
Dream TheaterYou Not Merare US-Promo CD
EinherjerOdin Owns Ye Allnew, Cardboard Sleeve
EmperorIX EquilibriumCD
EnslavedBlodhemnCD, with different cover
Full CircleNegativeCD, Promo
Gamma RayNo World OrderCD, rare full track
HammerfallGlory To The Bravemega-rare 4-Track Promo
Heavens GateLive For SalePromo, never with Cardboard Sleeve
Iced EarthSomething Wicked This Way Comesrare 2-track, Cardboard Sleeve
ImmortalBattles In The Northmega-rare Promo-CD with different Cover
ImmortalAt The Heart Of Wintermega-rare Promo-CD with different Cover
Impaled NazareneAbsence Of War Does Not Mean PeaceCD
Iron MaidenThe Wicker ManCD, UK-Promo, rare !
Judas PriestBullet Trainfuckin´ rare Promo CD in pop-up sleeve !
Judas PriestMeltdownCD, factory-Cardboard Sleeve
King DiamondHouse Of GodCD, Cardboard Sleeve
King DiamondAbigail IICD, Cardboard Sleeve
KyussOne Inch ManUS-Promo-CD, rare as hell !!
ManowarFire And BloodCD, Cardboard Sleeve
MardukHeaven Shall BurnPromo-CD, Cardboard Sleeve
MardukPanzer Division MardukCD, Cardboard Sleeve
Mercyful FateDead AgainCD, Jewelcase Promo
MoonspellDarkness And HopeCD, Cardboard Sleeve
My Dying BrideThe Dreadful HoursCD, Peaceville Promo
NaglfarEx InferisCD, Cardboard Sleeve
NecromantiaScarlet Evil Witching BlackCD, Cardboard Sleeve
NevermoreThe Politics Of EcstacyCD, very rare Cardboard Sleeve with fold out band biography
Nocternal BreedThe RemastersCD, Cardboard Sleeve
Old Man´s ChildIll –Natured Spiritual InvasionCD, Cardboard Sleeve
OmenReopening The GatesCD
PsychosisComplexCD, Promo
Rotting ChristSleep Of Angelsnew, Cardboard Sleeve
Sacred SteelReborn In SteelCD, Promo
SamaelBlood RitualCD, Promo, never with Cardboard Sleeve
SamaelCeremony Of OppositesPromo-CD from 1994, Cardboard Sleeve
SavatageDead Winter DeadDoCD, incl. a 2 track promo-CD
SentencedNorth From HerePromo-Cd in MCD-Cover
Simple AggressionGravityCD, Promo
SodomAber Bitte Mit SahneMCD, Promo, never with Cardboard Sleeve
SuidakraEmprise To AvalonCD, Cardboard Sleeve
TiamatJudas ChristCD, Cardboard Sleeve
Twin ObscenityBloodstoneCD, Promo
UndishActa Est FabulaCD, Promo, greate prog-metal !
UnleashedVictoryPromo-CD in Cardboard Sleeve
Velvet ViperMerlin4-Track Promo from 1991, very rare
WitcheryDead Hot And ReadyCD, Necropolis, Cardboard Sleeve



CD - Demos/Promo-Tapes

ArtistTitleFormat, Label, Specials
CMFCMFDemo 1996
Crystal AgePromotion Tape January 1994Demo
Depressive AgeBeyond Illusions1st Demo 1990
Depressive AgeFirst DepressionAdvance-Tape 1992
DespairSurviving You Alwaysoriginal Demo 1987
DysterwaldDysterwaldDemo 1997, Black Metal
EnslavedBeyond The DoorsDemo 1991, Thrash !!!
FranticWelcome To ParadiseDemo 1990, Speed Metal !!
Friedman, MartyMarty FriedmanPromo-Tape 1992
Imperio NocturnoOpus Tem-Ohp-BaDemo 1999, Black Metal
Jag PanzerDissident AliancePromo-Tape
LegacyLegacy Demo : 1Pre-Testament !!! ultra rare cult !!
MordredThe Next RoomAdvance Tape
Morgan Le FayPriest Of The DeadDemo 1987, rare !
MystikPerpetual BeingPromo 1994
NocturnalRites Of The Black Mass1st Demo, No. 387
OsirisInextricable ReversalDemo 1989, Prog.-Power/Thrash Metal
ParalysisIn MemoriamPromo- Tape 1994
Psychotic WaltzMosquitoPromo-Tape
ZarFrom Welcome . . . To GoodbyeAdvance-Tape